The Pulse REWARDS scheme is a fantastic way to be rewarded for being a part of the Pulse Community. You can unlock achievements, get benefits for engagement, earn points for playing games and win prizes from competing.

Whether it’s something simple such as just visiting the website, posting in forums, chatting with other players or making a booking to come in and play…there’s always a reward waiting for you!


Achievements are tasks and challenges for you to complete, which award you with trophies and in-site currency to spend. These can be site actions such as participating in forums or in-game unlocks in the gaming lounge like playing a certain game.

Trophies are standard interactions which can be achieved multiple times and Challenges are timed events that change often so check often to see what benefits you can earn.


Currencies are how we reward you for your engagement and actions which can then be spent on discounts, free sessions and other features. They are:

  • CREDITS – Credits are everyday style rewards that you earn for purchases and interacting with the website in different ways (400 Credits = £1)
  • BITS – Bits are purchased currencies that can be used for special purchases or transferred to other community players as a tip, reward or for their services such as coaching. Bits are also the reward for affiliates that can be redeemed for cash (110 Bits = £1)
  • TOURNAMENT CREDITS – Tournament Credits are rewarded to Esports players who compete in a variety of our gaming competitions & events. This can be for participation, achieving high ranks or completing special tasks (4600 TCredits = £1)

Spend your currencies on Special Events, get discounts on bookings or purchase in-store items.


Ranks are the awards for how you match yourself up against other players in the community. There are ranks for engagement which are gained from your achievements as well as ranks for certain games that we run competitions in.

Earn ranks by competing in Pulse Gaming tournaments and competitions or by completing challenges and achievements for bigger rewards!

Take your gaming to the next level!

become a member and earn rewards, get discounts and epic deals!