COVID-19 & The Gaming Industry

COVID-19 has left little of the world untouched. Its grubby fingers have reached into every facet of life – into homes, schools, businesses, events. But, two years on, what mark has it left on the hallowed halls of the gaming industry?

Well, when the pandemic struck and we were forced to retreat from the streets to the safety of our desks, it seems we turned to gaming for comfort. In a time of immense fear and uncertainty, immersive games and virtual communities became a lifeline for people all over the world.

Explosive Growth in the gaming industry

Gaming industry growth reached an all-time high during the pandemic. The industry successfully capitalised on a nationwide (quite literally captive) audience that was desperately searching for engaging entertainment, and the real beauty of the industry came into its own. In a whole universe of games, there is truly something for everyone, and it seems everyone who was looking did indeed find something to bring them joy and comfort during a turbulent time. From Farming Simulator to Fortnite, gaming has been embraced like never before. We can see this in a universal surge in engagement and spending, across the gaming industry, between February and April of 2020 as the country was locked down for the first time.

As nightclubs, pubs and events shut down, the gaming industry suddenly stepped up; groups turned to fun remote multiplayer games, such as Among Us, as an entirely new way of meeting up and interacting.

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