7 Days To Die – XBOX One Review

One of the First games I was able to convince Shazza to play was 7 Days to Die, best way to describe this game, is zombie Minecraft with awesome graphics.

7 Days to Die was a great introduction to Split-Screen Co-op gaming for us. The crafting and building is straight forward and even Shazza ended up being able to place a few barricades after our first session. We had our first base in no time. Not that it stopped us getting overrun with Zeds anyway.

High Learning Curve

There’s a fair bit to learn in 7 Days to Die which doesn’t make it the easiest to pick-up. The inventory system was definitely intended for PC and this shows when playing on Xbox, however you eventually get used to it.

Also, we struggled with the resolution of the text as our TV wasn’t the largest, so our Couch Co-op became off the couch every so-often until we memorised the images and what they were. Eventually, I persuaded the missus and bought a bigger TV.

We’ve had friends who have spent almost 2 weeks in 7 Days to Die before they were able to build a base effectively enough to get through a night (lots of rage quitting was involved in their journey I’m sure).

Just One More Task

As soon as you get passed the initial hurdle of learning the ropes and get into the game, you’re hooked. Just one more supply run to the nearby town… Oh I’ll just collect another bucket of water… But i’m only three Iron away from building the forge.

The game leaves many excuses to keep playing. You get to build your own safe-haven from scratch, harvest trees, rocks and soil, build walls and more. Find an old farmhouse and fix all the holes, hold up here and tunnel away from the horde just to name one of the possibilities.

Your character also has a ton of skills that you can explore which lead to more crafting options and increase the effectiveness of certain weapons. It can be best to read ahead or upgrade what you use often due to possible stat maxing.

Getting your defences and equipment ready for the next ‘Blood Moon’ to come is an insanely rewarding experience, provided you survive the night. The progression and building elements in this game make it really difficult to put down. I’m sure at one time, Shazza was adamant that we needed to harvest and replant her farm of seventy plus Yukka plants before we could save game and quit. We ended up playing for an extra three hours somehow…. Hello 3am.


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